SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - If you've ever taken a long flight you probably know how challenging it can be to get some sleep.

CBS News 8's Jeff Zevely met a Kearny Mesa engineer who invented JetComfy, a travel pillow he says will help you sleep like a baby.

Do you feel tired when you get off a plane? Own a "comfort pillow" that isn't comfortable? Dave Brecht, a Kearny Mesa inventor, has a solution for you. He calls it the JetComfy.

Dave says he studied every so called "comfort pillow" on the market, and what they are all missing is the ability to actually support your head. His aim was to mimic a natural resting pose while taking weight off your spine and neck.

So small it fits into your purse, the JetComfy takes only seconds to set up. Dave says the key to his invention is the ultra-soft memory foam pillow with washable pillow covers.

The standard JetComfy comes with a Pen/Stylus/Light for forty five dollars but with a twenty dollar upgrade it will include an extra micro-fiber pillow cover and USB rechargeable power packs.

Dave has been developing, testing, and refining JetComfy for almost 2 years.

Brecht's Kickstarter campaign runs until October 9. He has $20,000 dollars in pre-orders.

If he doesn't reach his goal of 100-thousand dollars, his the customers' credit cards will not be charged.