SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - The closure of the 405 freeway is hitting Southern Californians in different ways. Some say they will take their chances and head up north, while others say they will avoid the area altogether.

Drivers heading northbound on I-5 are already being warned that the 405 freeway will be closed in L.A. As a result we figure people have two choices: stay at home in LA and watch TV or come here to sunny San Diego County.

Dena Vandevender is one of those people, and lucked out having her planned family getaway fall right when Carmeggedon 2011 was to get underway.

"I really don't know what to expect. I'm interested to watch it on TV and not real life," she said.

A front desk clerk at the Tamarack Beach Resort Hotel told us they haven't had an influx of people fleeing the L.A. area, but did have someone check out early to get back home before Carmageddon began.

News of Carmeggedon has streamed across every website and just about everyone's Twitter account. The closure even prompted a concerned grandmother in Pennsylvania to call and make sure her grandson would be OK.

And while some may just need some easy listening music to relax during Carmeggedon, others like Rusty Friesen with So Cal Surf Lessons says grab your board and run away from Carmeggedon and to the surf here in Carlsbad instead.

Who wants to do that when you can be sitting on the beach enjoying the sun enjoying the waves?" Rusty said.