SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) — A San Diego couple says they are heartbroken after their family pet was attacked by another dog at a park in Allied Gardens over the weekend. The couple's dog is in critical condition and News 8 has learned this isn’t the first incident at the park involving the same dogs.

News 8 has received numerous emails about the problem and our Kelly Hessedal spoke to owners of both dogs.

Dog owners who love their pets dearly, Brad and Reyna Sund are the owners of a Maltipoo named Sarge.

“We don’t have kids, our kids are our animals,” said Brad. “We would do anything for them.”

Tony Lopez is the owner of two Akitas.

“This is my only family,” said Tony. “This is what my support system is.”

But what happened Sunday has scarred them all.

"We both started crying hysterically,” said Reyna. “"He’s our baby. So, we just sort of lost it.”

“I’m very sorry for what happened to her dog,” said Tony.

Sarge suffered critical injuries after Tony’s dog attacked him at an Allied Gardens park.

Brad and Reyna were out of town and a relative was watching Sarge.

“Our dog is very social,” said Reyna.

Sarge was off leash, chasing a ball. Lopez's two Akitas were on leashes.

When Sarge ran up to them and one of the Akitas attacked.

“Our sister heard a yelp and our dog was in the jaws of the other dog’s mouth being shaken,” Reyna said.

"My dogs don’t attack, they defend themselves from dogs that are off leash,” said Tony.

Tony, who is homeless and suffering health problems, says he wasn’t strong enough to intervene and he says this has happened before at the same park four other times.

"People have to understand if they don’t keep their dogs on a leash, this kind of thing is gonna happen,” said Tony.

Signs are posted all over the park reminding owner dogs must be leashed at all times. But the Sunds want to know why Lopez doesn’t get a muzzle for his dogs.

“It makes us very, very angry,” said Reyna.

"If I had the money I would pay their bills outright,” said Tony. "But this is a case where the ignorance of the owner caused a problem that the dog is paying for.”

The Sunds have a GoFundMe page to help pay for Sarge’s medical bill. Click here to donate.