SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Members of the Citizens' Oversight met Friday at the San Diego Registrar of Voters to blast the voter registrar on what they call a mishandling of ballots.

Patricia Gracian, a concerned voter, said the numbers just don't add up.

"We are worse than a Third World country. I believe in election and this is unacceptable. It should be unacceptable to every single American.  We have proof from charts for mathematicians that can show you elections are being stolen," Gracian said.

The lawsuit concerns the "Audit of the Count," suing for election processing irregularities.

It alleges that the audit contains only about half the mail ballots as required by law and includes no provisional ballots. It states about 285,000 ballots are missing from the audit, which could be used to help Bernie Sanders win California.

Ray Lutz filed a complaint for declaratory relief filed against San Diego Registrar of Voters for failure to comply with California's elections code.

The group even has a hashtag that reads: #michaelvuwearewatchingyou.

Lutz says by law the registrar is required to include the set of samples. He says the 285,000 ballots were excluded from the tally making them suspicious.

"We want to make sure that when they get done with this count, we sit down and say let's take a sample of everything that you've done so that we can validate that you're not cheating. What he is doing is not that, he is not doing it that way. He will tell you it's just the machines--wrong. This is about the integrity of the Registrar of Voters," Lutz said.

County spokesman Michael Workman said he couldn't comment on the particulars of the lawsuit, but added, "We do look forward to being heard in court." ,

He also said the county has followed all the voting rules and has 83,000 ballots left to count.