SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) — A Hoover High School food service worker who spends her free time feeding the homeless is getting national attention.

Debra Davis, also known as Aunt Debbie, says several people are reaching out wanting to help her in her mission to feed those in need.

News 8 caught up with Aunt Debbie as she was stocking up her '76 Malibu with food and drinks to feed the homeless.

"I don't know if you all believe in God or not, but I do," she said. "He said if they're hungry, you feed them, so I go look for them and I feed them."

What used to be a private act of kindness by Aunt Debbie has become public.

"It was like I'm doing it secretly, but now [it's] everywhere, it's all open now," said Debbie.

Aunt Debbie's story went viral after the food service worker from Hoover High School was gifted a shiny white Mazda refurbished by students at Morse High School

Her reaction of sheer joy got everyone's attention, including the network's. And after Steve Hartman featured her story on CBS News the offers from people who wanted to help her came pouring in from around the world. Debbie said she heard from people in the UK, London, Paris and "some place in Africa."

Flooded with calls and emails, the principal at Hoover High took the initiative to set up a GoFundMe page and in just a day people donated more than $5,000.

"I'm not looking for that," she said. "My reward is in heaven. So, I think if I do it secretly, God is going to reward me openly. So if this is how if this is how He's rewarding me openly, you know what I'm saying... I'd rather someone give me food, and I'll cook it."

While Aunt Debbie is a bit overwhelmed, she makes this promise:

"I want to stay humble, and I am so grateful. And any penny anybody sends me... God sees everything. It will go where it's supposed to go."