SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Crows are a normal sight around San Diego, but some residents have noticed an increase in the number of birds.

Mary Beth DeWall lives in an apartment complex in La Jolla, and she said she feels like she is being stalked by crows. She is even frightened to walk her dog.

"I was standing here, and they came from behind, pushed me forward and scared me," she said.

Other residents at the Miranda in La Jolla colony apartment complex said it has happened to them too. One resident said he has to hold her mail over her head to protect herself from the crows.

"They're taking over. I don't think I'm ever going to see the Alfred Hitchcock movie ever," she said.

Philip Unitt is a curator of the Department of Birds and Mammals at the San Diego Natural History museum, and he said crows are extra protective this time of year.

"Their aggression is to defend their nest," he said.

After seeing a video from La Jolla, Philip Unitt noticed gulls.

"You see those gulls? The crows undoubtedly see them as possible predators of their eggs," he said.

Unitt said there are two San Diego areas perfect for crow habitat, one near Plaza Bonita, and another one near Lake Hodges.

There is not much residents can do.

Experts said to be patient. Mating season is only expected to last for a few more weeks.