SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Some of the romance of Paris has come to Banker's Hill in the form of love locks.

Love locks, a ritual that has flourished in the city of love is now showing up on the Spruce Street suspension bridge. Couples have begun to express their undying love to each other by clipping locks on the bridge.

When you find the love of your life, you lock it up and throw the key away, and at the Spruce Street pedestrian bridge love is afoot.

"Just one of the most romantic places in San Diego," said a local.

Love is heavy, and so are locks. Almost a million of them, weighting 45 tons, were recently removed from the Pont des Arts in Paris, France. A bridge that officials in France felt was becoming unsafe.

Paris love birds cried foul. They claimed the bolts should have never been broken.

"I think that's awful. Should stay forever," said tourists in Paris. 

The 90,000 pounds of weight were the equivalent of twenty elephants standing on the bridge at once.

The love lock tradition was inspired by the Italian teen novel, "I Want You," which tells the story of two lovers who make a bond on a bridge and throw the key into a river.

Others, refused to turn a blind eye to a growing trend they felt was an eyesore.

If the city feels the same way, lovers may have to lock up their love the old fashioned way, with their lips.