SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) - Comic Con is a few weeks away, but Wonder Woman buffs can take a picture and get an autograph with the real deal this weekend.

Victoria Ikerd-Schreiter loves to dress up as Wonder Woman. She even has a Facebook page dedicated to her alter-ego. Is she actually Wonder Woman? Well, that’s debatable. What we do know is that she is, in fact, a real life hero.

Ikerd-Schreiter began having fun with Wonder Woman garb as a teen drawing comparisons to Lynda Carter. But once she had children with autism, she embodied Wonder Woman’s warrior mentality and started law school to become a disability rights attorney.

Sure she dresses up as Wonder Woman for a few days every year at Comic Con, but her clients say that she is the real deal.

Now she takes her talent and striking resemblance to the Amazon warrior on the road and attends conventions and fundraisers, photo shoots, premieres and other media events to raise money and awareness for disabled children who have suffered from physical and emotion abuse.

This month Ikerd-Schreiter and her son will be featured on the cover of San Diego Family Magazine. She’s hosting an autograph signing event at the San Diego Comic Art Gallery in Point Loma on Saturday, July 8 starting at 1 p.m.

Visit the real Wonder Woman’s Facebook page for more information.