SAN MARCOS (CBS 8) - Mobile home residents rallied in San Marcos City Council Chambers Tuesday night against a proposed deal spearheaded by the City of San Marcos that some say will impact vulnerable residents.

The proposed deal is a long-term lease agreement between owners of San Marcos Mobile Estates and the City of San Marcos. The deal would raise the cost of rent for residents and would require residents to pay for infrastructure repairs. If a majority of the residents agree to the terms of the deal, the changes will affect everyone who lives there.

Gail Lemdonz, a park resident, says of the 267 mobile homes in San Marcos Mobile Estates, most of the residents are on fixed incomes and disabled.

"If something happens and they can't afford this rent and they have to move somewhere, they are going to be homeless," says Gail.

The city says it would help dissolve the cost disputed between park residents and owners, which they say costs about $20,000 a case and they believe this will add stability.

"It doesn't really add any stability. It's not possible. All they are saying is that instead of paying $500 a month, now they will be paying $700 a month. If that's stability, I don't know what is," says Gail.

A spokesperson for the city says it wants an agreement all parties can supports. A deal could be made by the end of the year.

The mobile home renters say they want to be part of the negotiations.