SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) – The non-profit Saving Animals and Healing Hearts in East County is doing everything it can to keep animals alive, despite difficulties at the facility – but the founder needs a helping after a recent surgery.

In the last five years, Terri Crutchfield has rescued and adopted out more than 100 animals that survived the unthinkable.

Terri, who is the founder of Saving Animals and Healing Hearts, is also known as the whisperer. She has been rescuing animals for ten years, but recently became a non-profit in March.

In her care are: two partially blind alpacas, seven chickens, eleven dogs, a goose and Rocky the tortoise. The spaying neutering costs the non-profit hundreds of dollars. Also adding to the costs is medications and food. According to Terri, a month it can cost nearly $2,000 to run the organization.

Terri is currently recovering from a major back surgery.

Tegan Barker is Terry’s granddaughter. “She does so much from them [the animals] it is crazy. She is never in the house doing things for herself. She is always out here doing stuff taking care of the animals.”

Terri said she understands she can’t save every animal. “They need to be saved. They need to be treated with love and kindness and they need to know they will be safe.”

Visit the Saving Animals and Healing Hearts website to learn more or help the organization rescue, rehabilitate and rehome abused and neglected animals.