SAN DIEGO - It's a scenario that no student or parent ever wants to imagine, but should a school find themselves on lock-down due to an active shooter, Armorcoat can add another crucial layer of protection.

The San Diego-based company offers a window film named Armorcoat that, when applied to windows or glass doors, prevents it from shattering into little pieces when hit or shot at, delaying intruders long enough for first responders to arrive and deal with a situation.

If there were ever a situation where a shooter or violent attacker attempted to enter a locked campus, they wouldn’t be able to immediately break through a window via gunshot, knife, etc.

While they can shoot through the glass, the glass will not shatter and it will stay intact, making it extremely difficult for the attacker to break through the glass. 

Armorcoat creates a barrier that can delay entry by almost two minutes. In situations where every second counts, those extra couple of minutes could be the difference needed for victims to call 911 or find safety.

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