First Camp Pendleton, and now MCAS Miramar is being discussed as a possible site for Guantanamo Bay detainees. President Obama wants the facility in Cuba closed within a year, and local congressmen are against moving terror suspects here.

Congressman Brian Bilbray doesn't want the prisoners in your backyard. They are the worst of the worst at Guantanomo Bay, but an order signed today by President Barack Obama will shut the prison down within a year. Mr. Obama says it sends an important message to the world.

The problem is that they have to go somewhere, and the rumor swirling around Washington is that Southern California is high on the president's list.

"If he thinks he'll pack up terrorists and accused terrorists and move them into urban areas like San Diego County... it's a non-starter," Bilbray said.

Bilbray has combined with Congressmen Darrell Issa and Duncan Hunter to stop the move before it even gets started.

"It's an insult to the military serving overseas right now that we want to put the worst of the worst terrorist detainees on military bases where their families reside while they're out fighting overseas," Hunter said.

The three congressmen introduced legislation today which says that no federal funding can be used to move the detainees to San Diego. Hunter says San Diego's brigs could handle the detainees, but they'd be a dangerous distraction.

"Train marines, train sailors... to go fight overseas - they shouldn't have to worry about enemy combatants in their backyard and neither should San Diegans," Hunter said.

The president says he's setting up a task force to pick the right location for the detainees. It's believed there are still about 245 of them at Guantanamo Bay.