The California state budget crisis has hit schools hard across the state, including districts in San Diego County. Saturday, the San Diego Unified School District Board held a special meeting. It wasn't necessarily for the current school year, as much as what the district faces down the road.

"Our state is simply not funding public schools at the level that our children deserve," explained Terry Grier the Superintendent of the San Diego Unified School District.

And that's essentially why the San Diego Unified School District Board decided to meet Saturday. To talk about the future of the 2009-2010 budget and to improve on what's already been working in our local schools.

"What we're doing is not all bad. We're looking under every rock. It's making us look at every program, how we've done programs in the past. can we do it differently," continued Grier.

Balancing the shortfall is an enormous endeavor. One of the options that came up was school lunch.

"A kid who doesn't have lunch is gonna get tired in the afternoon, isn't learn as well so how can we figure out a way to increase the number of students get through lunch," said Jack Brandais with the San Diego Unified School District media relations.

Apparently, not enough kids are getting lunch, so the district is to talking about adding kiosks with sandwiches and possibly increasing the lunch time. The more students that eat means more money that the district gets from the state and federal government.

The challenge for the district is there isn't a lot of flexibility, because the state hasn't completed their budget for 2009.