Some lucky San Diegans are heading to Washington, D.C. for president-elect Barack Obama's inauguration. It's the hottest ticket in town, across the nation, in fact. One local woman was able to get her hands on some.

It's a birthday Judy Ki will never forget - the day this Big Obama supporter learned she'd soon be a part of history.

"The phone rang, and I looked at it and I said, 'Oh my god, that's the call,'" she said.

Judy leaves next Thursday. She's already purchased her public transportation pass, and has bought pocket-sized snacks for Inauguration Day. She has her gowns and fancy dresses laid out, and has even used a ruler to measure her purse, since Secret Service has placed size limits on bags.

"I don't think the security is going to have a ruler, I think they're gonna eyeball it," she said.

She has bought all new cold weather gear. Add ski pants and color coordinated gloves and Judy should be warm and well prepared to withstand at least 6 hours out in the cold.

"I told my husband look for the little bright green dot! Tiny little dot, but it's the one who's bright green," she said.

It's a dream come true for Judy, who recently retired from teaching 7th grade science in Mira Mesa.

"And when i think of my Asian-American students, and my African-American students looking up at the president, and they see how different he looks," she said. "I could see myself in the classroom saying, yes you can!"

Judy's husband can't go, so she's bringing a friend. They've rented an apartment near the Capitol for about $800 each for 5 nights.

Even though only 240,000 tickets will be handed out, as many as 4 million are expected to turn out on the national mall.