ENCANTO (CBS 8) - An eight-year-old boy is recovering from serious injuries to his arm, cheek, and ear after being bitten by a pit bull, according to San Diego Police.

It happened at Keiller Park near Woodrow Avenue and Lisbon Street in Encanto before 7:00 p.m. Wednesday.

Witnesses say a black-and-white pit bull mauled the young boy in the head shortly before police arrived and shot it three times with a shotgun. 

"We could not risk another child being bit or anyone for that matter being bit in this park," said Lt. Brian Goldberg with SDPD.

The boy is expected to recover from his injuries, according to police.

One witness recorded video where the pit bull's last squeal is audible before police officers shot and killed it. She wonders if the police took the appropriate action.

"Why didn't you shoot him three times with a tranquilizer?" asked Rochalle Racine, who lives nearby. "And then put him down peacefully later."

A second pit bull broke the police perimeter after the boy was bit but that dog was eventually captured. Only the pit bull killed by police is said to have bitten the eight-year-old.

Attempts are still being made to identify the dogs' owner(s).