SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - The San Diego Police Department received a call from a husband Thursday morning who said his wife was having a baby in their vehicle in a post office parking lot. 

Early Thursday morning and three weeks before her due date, Vanessa Prado began having contractions. "I was in the bathtub with my phone Googling three minute contractions early," she said.

As Vanessa and her husband Dennis drove down Mira Mesa Boulevard her water broke and she knew there was no time - the baby was coming.

The couple had no other option but to pullover. Her husband, Dennis, had to make a split decision on where to stop - a McDonald's or the post office.

"I said the post office," said Vanessa.

Dennis pulled into the post office parking lot and called 911.

Only two miles away, San Diego Police Officers Matt Enderlin and Eric Hustand answered the call, but the baby was not waiting. 

"It just popped out. I was there catching. She did all the work. I was just there to catch the baby," said Officer Enderlin.

The baby boy came into the world weighing six pounds and measuring 15.5 inches.

His name - Pierce Dillard.

"We are very thankful the gentleman were there when we got there. Had we been there by ourselves, it would have been a hot mess," said Dennis laughing.

Both mom and baby are currently at Scripps La Jolla and are healthy.

When baby Pierce grows up, his parents want him to meet the officers who helped bring him into the world.