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SDPD shoots man armed with a knife in North County

Homicide detectives have an area in North County on lock down as they gather evidence. Theyre going in and out of an apartment on the first and second floors.

SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Homicide detectives locked down an area in North County Friday, as they gathered evidence on an officer-involved shooting.

A suspect was shot and killed by police. San Diego Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman monitored the scene. 

The Homicide Unit says around 11:40 Thursday night, officers were called out to the 14,000 block of Via Fiesta in the Black Mountain Ranch community because of a fight. 

Residents called 911 after a man beat another man. Police say the suspect, in his 60's to 70's, assaulted neighbors and kicked them. 

They led officers to the suspect's front door, that's when he allegedly rushed at them with a knife. 

Homicide detectives say an officer fired one shot.

The suspect was transported by medics to Scripps Memorial Hospital where he later died. 

His next door neighbor was sleeping during all the chaos and says she's stunned, and left with mixed emotions. 

"If it's the man I'm thinking, he seemed so nice and normal. Certainly, I have a baby and I don't want anyone weird or crazy running around my neighborhood. I'm just really shocked and sad that happened," Angel Larson said.

Authorities aren't releasing the name of the suspect until his family has been notified. 

The officer involved in the shooting has been with the San Diego Police Department for 24 years. He is on administrative leave during this ongoing investigation. 

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