SAN DIEGO (CNS) - A sea lion brought to SeaWorld San Diego for treatment of a wound from a fishing gaff was returned to the ocean Thursday after undergoing two weeks of medical care.

The adult sea lion, estimated to be 5 to 10 years old, was released about a dozen miles off Mission Bay, according to SeaWorld spokeswoman Kelly Terry.

"It went off very well," she said.

The sea lion was rescued on Oct. 1 near Shelter Island, after eluding capture several times in the prior days.

Before being captured, the sea lion was spotted in San Diego Bay with a gaff pole protruding from his side, according to SeaWorld. When he was rescued, the gaff had fallen off, leaving an infected open wound.

The sea lion was treated by veterinarians at SeaWorld with antibiotics and fed 21 pounds of fish per day.

The sea lion's weight, which upon capture was 425 pounds, was 454 pounds on Thursday, according to Terry.

The News 8 video story, with Steve Price reporting, has more on the recovery process.