SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - For the second time in two days, San Diego has been host to a cruise ship with sick passengers.

On Monday, a ship with a Norovirus outbreak docked in San Diego, followed by another cruise ship docking on Tuesday with passengers experiencing the same illness.

The question of where the virus was picked up remains.

Brook Fagan was one of the 114 guests on a Royal Caribbean cruise sick with the Norovirus.

She said she woke up in the middle of the night with an upset stomach, and at first thought it was food poisoning. "I was feeling very lethargic. Very sick, very rundown, couldn't really get out of bed. Ended up throwing up and just had major issues all day," she said.

When the ship docked in San Diego, she was met with a crew from the Center of Disease Control.

According to passengers, crew members went above and beyond getting people whatever they needed so they would not touch anything, and disinfected everything.

"They were wonderful. I mean, we had absolutely no concerns about that," said one passenger.

"Extraordinary sanitation. In fact I joked with my wife that more alcohol was in the hand sanitizer than was distributed on the cruise," said Stephen Dahms.

The ship is now the second cruise with sick passengers to dock in San Diego in two days.

The first cruise ship to pull in with 106 guests sick with the Norovirus docked on Monday, but the CDC said two sick ships in two days is not unheard of.

"It's a common port of call for cruise ships similar to Fort Lauderdale, or Miami. So it's not a unique occurrence to have two to dock a day apart," said Bernadette Burden from the CDC.

In regards to the second ship that docked in San Diego, Brooks believes they know where the virus may have been picked up.

"They pinpointed that it was potentially at the port in Guatemala that people ended up getting sick," she said.

Royal Caribbean released a statement regarding the two incidents, and said if a guest is uncomfortable taking their cruise, for reasons related to personal health, their staff will assist them in rescheduling their sailing for another time.