SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Security is tightening downtown where thousands of people are expected to fill the streets during Comic-Con. The massive pop culture event is getting underway amid new questions about attendee safety. 

CBS News 8's Shannon Handy spoke with a San Diego Police Lieutenant Tuesday morning and he says security is tight every year during Comic-Con but this year, in light of recent terrorist concerns nationwide, there will be a larger police presence. 

"We are going to have extra staffing there this year to make sure the citizens are safe. We don't have any specific threats, but we have protocols in place to heighten security to ensure we have a safe event," says Lt. Paul Connelly. 

SDPD will be working with federal officials as well as private security guards both in and around the convention center. 130,000 people are expected to attend Comic-Con this year in addition to the thousands who plan to visit without tickets. 

Since the event began in 1970, Comic-Con has been increasingly drawing larger crowds every year from all over the world. While law enforcement is doing what they can to keep people safe, they're also asking visitors to do their part. 

"When you're out on the streets, be aware of your surroundings, make sure you know who's around you," says Lt. Connelly. 

Police advise people to keep your personal property safe and secure and if you see anything suspicious, call police.