SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) — Four months ago, the Lilac Fire ripped through the North County sending families and their animals running for safety.

During the fire, flames ripped through the San Luis Rey Downs Training Center in Bonsall killing 50 horses and displacing hundreds more.

But Sunday was a positive day for several horses displaced during the fire as they got to return home.

Horse trainer Jenine Sahadi is part of large group of people who stepped in to help take care of the horses after more than 400 were moved to the stables at the Del Mar Racetrack.

"[I] came over here thinking I could help," said Sahadi.

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Now with the busy summer season approaching, the horses are slowly being moved from the racetrack back to their homes.

"We're very proud of the fact that all of these horses are doing so well," said Sahadi.

The first group left Sunday.

"They're now moving out, sort of one barn at a time based on readiness of their barns," said Sahadi.

Relocating hundreds of horses is no easy task.

"What you don't want to do, is do anything to get them all upset," said Sahadi. "You try to make it as accommodating as possible."

While trainer Sal Gonzalez is happy to be taking 5-year-old horse Ransomed and his other horses home, he's forever thankful for those who stepped in to help.

"We had to evacuate and come over here [and] the facility gave us the opportunity to keep training, Said Gonzalez. "They're doing really well, as a matter of fact. This racetrack is very good, very kind to the horses. They stayed healthy."

Despite the trauma they've been through, trainers say the horses are also doing exceptionally well out on the track, with many of them going on to win multiple races.

"That is miraculous in and of itself," said Sahadi. "I think Del Mar has provided a great service. I think everyone is grateful, but I think they're all anxious to get home."

The deadline for the horses to be out by is April 15.