SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) - Leeanne Ericson of Vista, who was gravely injured in a San Onofre shark attack in April has made significant improvement. Her doctor says "she's a fighter" and read a thank you letter on her behalf Tuesday morning. 

"I want to thank the Scripps medical team, everyone in the community, first responders on the beach and everyone at Scripps," Dr. Gail Tominaga, Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla read.

Ericson, a single mother of three, was swimming off the coast of San Onofre Beach at Camp Pendleton when a shark went after her, tearing off much of her right buttocks and thigh.
Friends say she was with her boyfriend who was surfing at the time. An EMT happened to be in the area and helped until a medical helicopter arrived. 
Marine life experts believe she was most likely bit by a great white or a seven-gill shark. 

"She has been able to get up. She has feeling to her leg, her foot and both legs," Dr. Tominaga said.

Her doctors say she may need to go to a rehab facility for further medical care and will use a walker to get around. 

More than $90,000 had been donated to Ericson via GoFundMe as of Tuesday.