SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) – A Great White shark was captured on camera off the coast of Point Loma, and the woman who shot the video wonders if it is the same shark that attacked a teenager last month in Beacon’s Beach.

The shark captured on video was spotted on Wednesday about ten miles from the Point Loma shore by Caren Charleston of Escondido. “I have been fishing for over 15 years and I have yet to come across a Great White shark.”

Caren and her husband were fishing on their boat when the shark began to circle them. “When my husband said it was a Great White, I said, I want my camera.”

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Caren grabbed her GoPro, stuck in the water and began filming. She was not sure what the camera would capture, but it turned out she captured two quick glimpses of the shark passing by. The Great White was approximately ten-feet-long.

Caren now wonders if it is the same one that bit 13-year-old Keane Weber Hayes in Encinitas two weeks ago.

Dr. Christopher Lowe is a shark expert who has studied Keane’s case. He said there is no evidence sharks stay in the same area following an attack, however, the chances of seeing one are better now compared to other times of the year.

“Because of the this time of year, adults come back from their open ocean migration and are going to feeding irrigation sites like the Farlone, the Channel Islands, Guadalupe Islands and Juveniles up north, near Monterrey. This season now that the water temperature is cooling down, they may be migrating south towards Baja.”

Caren said she will be back out on her family’s boat this weekend with her camera on hand.