SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - A campaign is underway to educate teens and parents about the Social Host Ordinance, and the price to be paid for allowing teens to drink at home parties.

The controversy comes after an infamous Playboy-themed party in Poway.

The Social Host Ordinance makes it illegal for adults to provide an environment, a house party, for example, where underage drinking takes place, no matter who provides the alcohol.

The local ordinance made worldwide headlines a few months ago, and now some high school students are making their mission to educate parents.

Jeff Lake, the Poway dad, was arrested in January for hosting a Playboy themed party for his daughter's 18th birthday. According to the Sheriff's Department, alcohol was served to under-aged guests at the party.

Jeff Lake, an attorney, has denied any involvement in providing alcohol to his daughter and her friends. He puts the blame on uninvited troublemakers who created the problem.

Scripps Ranch High juniors are part of "Advocates for Change Today," who launched a country-wide campaign to get the word out on what the Social Host Ordinance entails.

They used Tuesday's Poway City Council meeting as a start to their campaign.

The fine in San Diego County for violating the Social Host Ordinance is a potential fine of $1,000 for the first offense, and double the fine and/or a six month sentence in jail.