If you're touring a home you may want to look beyond the décor. USA Today reports that sellers are using cameras, microphones, and security cameras to spy on house hunters. And what’s worse is they may use that information as leverage in price negotiations.

This trend has been fueled by inexpensive home security products that allow homeowners to set up cameras and mics themselves. Motion sensors notify sellers by text or email when a visitor is in their house. They can then observe the prospective buyer either in real time or watch a recording later.

If you think this trend is just for snoopers, think again. A survey conducted by Harris Poll reveals 67% of people would use cameras if they were selling and 15% of people admitted to using them in the past. However, this may not always be legal.

Surveillance laws vary by state, but in most cases at least one person must consent to the recording. This means home sellers are required to disclose they have recording devices, either through signs or having the real estate agent inform potential buyers.

Daily Blast LIVE co-hosts discuss if the competitive housing market has led people to extremes such as spying for leverage and how home buyers can use security cameras to their advantage.