SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) – Southwest Airlines is canceling dozens of flights as it begins emergency engine inspections on its fleet of jets.

It comes as a result of last week’s mid-air explosion that killed a passenger on a flight from Dallas to New York.

Across the nation on Monday, Southwest canceled more than 130 flights and delayed nearly 900 as it ramped up engine inspections program.

Four of those canceled flights were scheduled to fly in to our out of San Diego International Airport.

Southwest has accelerated its engine inspection program in the wake of last week’s tragic accident – resulting in nearly 170 cancellations and more than 1,600 delays over the past two days.

According to Flight Aware, this comes after the FAA issued an emergency order – giving all airlines 20 days to conduct ultra-sonic inspections to detect sign of metal fatigue on hundreds of older Boeing 737 engines.

A spokesperson for Southwest Airlines said the airline is working to limit its delays and cancellations by carrying out most engine inspections at night, but warned passengers to expect one to two percent of its 4,000 flights to be impacted over the coming days.

Southwest is encouraging passengers over the next few weeks to check their flight status online before heading to the airport.

Passengers with canceled flights will be able to rebook at no additional coast, according to a company spokesman.