SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - The rules of the road are changing in Coronado, despite vocal opposition, and on Thursday, speed detectors were back to enforce a new higher speed limit on roads near the Coronado Bridge.

The posted speed limit is 25 on 3rd and 4th Street corridor. The signs are not up yet, but since they city agreed with CalTrans to increase the speed limit to 30 miles-per-hour, Coronado Police can go back to using lidar, laser speed detectors.

"It gives us a big help in tools on what we can use to enforce speed violations," said Cpl. Ralphy Garcia, Coronado Police Dept. 

The new speed limit is officially 30-MPH, since signs are posted for 25-MPH they can ticket drivers going over 30-MPH. 

Since February, Coronado Police could not legally use lidar, because an outdated CalTrans speed survey, 3rd and 4th is a state highway, but policed by the city.

A CalTrans study found that most cars going in and out of the island, east of Orange, were traveling about 35-MPH, so they upped the speed from 25 to 30-MPH.

"The traffic is getting worse. Faster and faster," said Sarah Brown, a Coronado resident.

The new speed limit signs will be posted soon.

Police said last year almost 30-percent of the citations were speeding tickets on the 3rd and 4th Street corridor. It's about a $300 speeding-ticket.

Some of the footage in this video story was shot using a GoPro camera.