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Stress free holiday gift ideas for yourself and others

The holidays are often the most stressful time of the year for people, but it shouldn’t be. It should be a time to celebrate being with family and friends and a time to reenergize.

SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) - The holidays are often the most stressful time of the year for people, but it shouldn’t be. It should be a time to celebrate being with family and friends and a time to reenergize. 

Lifestyle expert, Susana Franco joined Morning Extra to give some gift ideas to help you and your loved ones stress less this holiday season. 

Sleep Tech -- Fall Asleep Fast with Dreampad 

Designed to help with falling and staying sleep, the Dreampad offers highly researched sleep technology hidden within a comfortable pillow.  It works by triggering the body's relaxation response, resulting in a more relaxed state of mind which is conducive to sleep.

At Home Facial with Labotica True Nature Revitalizing Mask 

Stress and the holidays seem to go hand-in-hand, but even if you’re feeling overwhelmed, there’s no reason to LOOK that way. Labotica True Nature Revitalizing Mask from Leaders Cosmetics revitalizes and nourishes skin, while the Hibiscus Sabdariffa Flower Extract works to improve skin resilience for healthier skin.
Travel Smart with Zaca Recovery Chewables 

Take your traveling preparedness up a notch and ready your body with Zaca, entirely natural tablets that blend herbs, antioxidants and electrolytes to accelerate recovery after a long day of travel.  Zaca’s premium formula utilizes proven ingredients to help stave off fatigue, foggy head and nausea. Offered in a refreshing (non-chalky!) berry flavor, thesechewables don’t require a water chaser. NON-GMO, Vegan & Gluten-Free, Zaca aids in liver detox, enhances electrolytes, helps with hydration and gives an instant antioxidant boost. Traveling is difficult as it is, holiday traveling is about as stressful as it gets, be prepared with Zaca!  

Reduce Geopathic Stresses with Energydots

A range of self-adhesive ‘dots’ programmed to harmonize the effects of man-made electromagnetic emissions that surround us in our wireless world. Newsflash! Those EMF’s (electro-magnetic frequencies) from phones, Wi-Fi, etc, all emit low level radiation. An increasing number of people find the constant level challenging and experience tiredness, stress, inability to concentrate, headaches and anxiety. The bioDOT + smartDOT pack: ($55) is a radiation-fighting power duo. Place on your phone, watch, on your person, etc, and  immediately retune energy interference to a natural harmonic state and reduce stress!
Corc Yoga
In the middle of this hectic holiday season, it’s important to take a time out. De-stress with Corc Yoga Mats! Crafted from 100% organic cork gently harvested in Portugal, these earth-conscious, chemical-free mats combine raw beauty with comfort. Every time you use your Corc Yoga Mat you’re working to improve your mind, body and health. With each purchase, the company donates a portion of its sales to organizations working to solve the mental health crisis in Portugal.
PediPocket Blanket
Whether you need a cat nap or just want to relax and catch up on your favorite shows, get wrapped up in warmth and comfort with PediPocket’s ultra-plush, velvety fleece blanket! PediPocket’s genius comes from a clever 20” pocket that keeps your tootsies delightfully toasty. It’s also nearly 6 feet long, more than long enough to cover any person, from the smallest to the tallest.


Unwind by making your own custom blend of wine! Blendtique Wine Company is a revolutionary new concept whereby the everyday consumer can create and design a personalized wine blend from the comfort of home.  For the first time, you –the enthusiast- can take part in the winemaking process, not simply to taste, but to blend, experiment, and even package a wine created thoughtfully by you, for you.

Whine Down Time 
This cheeky children’s-style book for adults shows the realities of mom life. Whine Down humorously captures the hiccups in every woman’s parenting journey, and how to find time for self-care in the middle of chaos.
Hippy Feet
You know that awesome feeling of slipping on a new pair of comfy, cozy socks? And how good you feel when your feet are happy? Well, consider that feeling 2 times over! Every time you purchase a pair of Hippy Feet socks, a homeless person gets to enjoy that same amazing feeling. But giving away socks is just one way Hippy Feet gives back. A portion of all proceeds goes to give homeless youth jobs, giving them the necessary skills to get them off the street. In fact, 35 homeless youth have found employment with Hippy Feet. Each pair is made using environmentally friendly materials right here in the USA.

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