SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) - Students at Calavera Hills Middle School in Carlsbad on Wednesday will be recognized for their creation of prosthetic devices using 3D printers that will help children around the world.

Innovation has set the middle schoolers apart.

The Makerspace Program at Calavera Hills is an elective class where students are given the freedom to think and create outside the box.

Last year, students began to learn about 3D printing, and how to implement it into real world solutions.

The inspiration came from a similar program on the East Coast where students created prosthetics.

Danny Foote and Mason Headrick, both eight graders, are considered 3D printing experts at the school.

On average, it takes about six hours to print one prosthetic hand. Students use a special kit to ensemble it.

So far, the class has completed eight prosthetics, and have two others in the works.

All of them have been mailed to children in need worldwide.

For their efforts, Calavera Hills will be given an innovation award - including a $5,000 grant from Balfour Beatty Construction and four new 3D printers courtesy of Robo3D in San Diego.

The awards ceremony will take place at SeaWorld at 4 p.m., and is being sponsored by the Classroom of the Future Foundation.