For the couple profiled in this Adopt 8, a night of watching television changed their lives forever. Meet Jim and Michele whose hearts were touched by a CBS holiday show.

It's the California version of a snow angel - a sand angel. Fitting, since Jim and Michele truly believe their three children were heaven-sent.

Jim has one word to describe his kids.

"Treasures, they were meant from the very beginning to be ours. Just what a gift," he said.

Jim and Michele made the decision to adopt a decade ago, after watching a program on CBS 8 called, "A Home for the Holidays."

"On Christmas Eve about 10 years ago, we watched a special for children that were waiting to be adopted through San Diego County, and we just got inspired and made that call within a week," explained Michele.

This year, "A Home for the Holidays" is celebrating it's 10th season of promoting adoption and helping children find permanent homes.

Jim and Michele had struggled with infertility.

"We wanted a family so badly, and we had been waiting about four years trying to conceive and it just not working out," continued Michele. "Those were some tough times. Everybody around me was having children and we would ask, why not us."

But after watching "A Home for the Holidays," they realized they could be in control of starting the family they'd always dreamed of having.

"We felt called with our faith to step in and just try the process out and just trust and within a year we got chosen for a little girl," added Michele.

That little girl is now nine. McKenna has been part of this family since she was just three-and-a-half weeks old. And the ironic part about it, the couple says, is that it took exactly nine months from the time they decided to adopt to the day they brought McKenna home.

"It happened pretty quickly. It's like giving birth without the pains, there you go. Except this birth is from our heart so, so that's awesome," said Jim and Michele.

So awesome, in fact, they decided to do it again.

Nathan, who's six, was five weeks old when they brought him home.

Lilah, who's an adorable 15 months, was six weeks old.

"We just said we were open to any race any nationality up until zero to two years old is what we said. Boy or girl, it didn't matter," Michele explained.

Since they have a mix-raced family, Jim and Michele make it a point to infuse the kids' cultural heritage in their lives.

"Our daughter is half African American and half white and our son is Hispanic, Caucasian and a little bit of African American, and then we believe our youngest is just Caucasian. It's kind of a nice mix," noted Michele.

They encourage other people looking to adopt to take that first step - go to an orientation class to get your questions answered and don't ever feel like you have to be perfect.

"We're just an average family and children they just want your love you know? Yeah that's all they need," said Michele and Jim.

And the love you get in return, they say, is priceless.

"They're our life. It's been absolutely a blessing, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I wouldn't have it any other way," noted Michele

At any given time, there are about 100 children waiting to be adopted. If you'd like to learn more about adoption in San Diego County, call 1-877-I-ADOPT-U.