SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Thousands of children in San Diego who rely on school meal programs will go hungry this summer without the public's help.

"School's Out, Hunger's Not,' is a summer food drive to make certain every child in San Diego will have enough to eat.

For 1,500 students across San Diego County, backpacks filled with food are a lifeline.

Patricia is a sixth grader and every Friday she receives enough food to last the weekend. "My favorite is spaghetti. Best spaghetti ever," she said.

During school days, Monday through Friday, Patricia eats lunch for free with other children from low income families.

Heidi Bergener is the principal at San Miguel Elementary. She said that when students are not eating, they are not learning.

Nine-year-old Genny Johnston agrees. She said she can't concentrate when she is hungry.

During the summer months, there are no school lunches.

CBS News 8 has teamed up with the Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank for the School's Out, Hunger's Not food drive.

Jim Floros from the San Diego Food Bank said people can help out by purchasing a pre-filled bag of food from Vons or Albertsons.

There are plenty of ways the public can help with the School's Out, Hunger's Not Summer Food Drive.

Visit any Albertsons or Vons and purchase a pre-filled $5 bag of food, or donate personal food items.

Donations can also be made online on the San Diego Food Bank website.