SUNSET CLIFFS (NEWS 8) – A mermaid statue made a sudden appearance on a rock just off Sunset Cliffs Boulevard and it is quickly becoming the talk of Ocean Beach.

The tale of the mermaid spread quickly on social media, but why it splashed on the rock at Sunset Cliffs remains a mystery.

Snapshots show several people using a rope ladder to hoist the mermaid up. Unfortunately, the photographer did not know who the people were or why they put the mythological mannequin on the rock.

Reaction on social media has users split on the issue. Some called it fun and others referred to it as a dangerous eyesore.

A member of the Sunset Cliffs Advisory Council said it qualifies as graffiti.

The Sunset Cliffs Recreation Advisory Council said it is up to the City of San Diego to remove the mermaid.

News 8 reached out to the Parks and Recreation Department, but they did not provide a definite answer.