SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) - The recent rain in San Diego County along with migration has brought about a massive rise in butterflies in the area. 

The Painted Lady butterflies are everywhere around San Diego, but did you know that butterflies in general are facing a serious crisis?

Due to loss of habitat, over 86 percent of the monarch butterfly population has completely left the area. 

Butterfly Farms is a local non-profit who is working to curb the decline of native butterflies and other native pollinators. The group is dedicated to education, conservation and research of important pollinators.

The researchers at Butterfly Farms can uniquely study these insects inside their 3,000-square-foot vivarium. They do everything from tagging to larvae monitoring to researching the migration patterns of the butterflies.

Pat Flanagan from Butterfly Farms visited the Morning Extra studios to talk about these insects and how important they are to our ecosystem.