SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) — Do you think your dog has super powers? That is the topic of a new iMax movie debuting this week. “Superpower Dogs" follows six dogs from around the world – including one we are familiar with here in San Diego.

News 8’s Shannon Handy spoke with the film’s writer-director and reports with more on the film and its message.

Starting Friday, “Superpower Dogs” will air in the IMAX theatre at the Fleet Science Center and it features San Diego's own Ricochet.

From the mountains of British Columbia to the Italian coast, “Superpower Dogs” follows six working dogs across the globe highlighting their remarkable skills and their ability to change lives.

Writer-director Daniel Ferguson spent an entire year traveling the world casting for the movie and spoke to News 8 via satellite about the final product.

One of the stars he found, Ricochet is an 11-year-old golden retriever who has been featured on News 8 several times.

She's best known for surfing alongside children with disabilities.

In the film, you'll also see her helping veterans struggling with PTSD - another skill she and her handler take great pride in.

"She can walk into a room with strangers, go right to the person who needs her the most and provide for that need,” said Ferguson.

Other stars of the film include:

  • Henry: an avalanche rescue expert in British Columbia
  • Reef: a Newfoundland lifeguard with the Italian Coast Guard
  • Tipper and Tony: bloodhound brothers working to save endangered species in Africa
  • Halo: a puppy training to become a FEMA search-and-rescue dog whose progression was followed for three years by Ferguson

The movie was filmed keeping the dogs’ perspectives in mind. You'll see video taken from their point-of-view with narration provided by actor Chris Evans.

The movie plays in San Diego through the end of the year. You can catch it in IMAX theatres nationwide.