SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - A swimmer pulled from a rip current in Ocean Beach Saturday evening died after arriving at the hospital. 

Cesar Ughetto, 46, was pronounced dead shortly after arrival at UCSD Medical Center. 

The initial call came in around 6:15 p.m. reporting that a swimmer was caught in a rip current near the Ocean Beach Pier. Witnesses say that two people swam out near the pier and that only one of the swimmers returned safely to shore. The other swimmer was spotted by witnesses on the pier struggling in the water. 

"The guy was just trying to come back to shore and the waves were just taking him and it looked like he was pretty tired. He was exhausted," said Adolfo Colado, a witness.

Lifeguards were heading home for the night when they heard the call and responded to the pier. Two simmers jumped into the water while other lifeguards arrived at the scene by boat, only to find that the swimmer had gone underwater. 

"Fortunately one of our guards came in contact with the victim fairly soon. All five lifeguards muscled him into the beach, which took a lot of effort. There was a lot of surf, rip current and an inside deep area they had to struggle through," said Lt. Andy Lerum, San Diego Lifeguards. 

After Ughetto was brought to shore, medics rushed him to the hospital while performing CPR. Ughetto was transported to the UCSD emergency room where advanced cardiac life support was initiated. However, despite resuscitative efforts, he was pronounced dead shortly after arrival.