SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - A Fallbrook teen faced a judge Wednesday morning after a confrontation with a sheriff's deputy over the weekend. Cell phone video showed the 13-year-old runaway being tased by the deputy.The confrontation, which occurred the afternoon of Saturday, June 13, behind a grocery store in Fallbrook, was videotaped by a witness with their cellphone and posted online.

[Sheriff addresses public about tasing incident involving teen in Fallbrook]

In the video, the teen is seen struggling on the ground with a San Diego sheriff's deputy, when the deputy pulls out his Taser and tases the teen in the back. Witnesses can be heard screaming in the background.

The teen is now in custody facing charges and the next step in the process will be a readiness hearing. However, there won't be a jury, only a judge. If the teen is found guilty of any charges, a disposition hearing would follow, which is considered the equivalent of an adult sentencing hearing.

"The goal of the juvenile justice system is rehabilitation of the minor balanced with community safety," said John Dunn. 

The District Attorney's office hasn't revealed specific charges, but the sheriff's department reported that the boy resisted arrest and accused the teen of biting the deputy. If the teen faces an assault on an officer charge, that would be a felony charge.