SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - A Carlsbad mother is turning heartache into hope and finding inspiration in the least likely place, a rock on the ground. 

Her effort to make others smile by leaving hand-painted rocks and little love notes hidden for others to find, is literally saving lives around the world. 

Deb Delisi's story of abundant love starts at Ponto Beach where she found hope hidden in a sea of rocks.

"In the beginning when people would ask me, 'how are you doing?' to me that was one of the most horrifying questions someone could ask me because I wasn't doing well," Deb said.

Her daughter, Kate, took her own life in 2014, though people meant well, no one's words could heal the pain Deb felt. Instead, she found peace within the stones on the beach. 

"They're often overlooked, you know, we look at the sparkly things, the beautiful things, the gem stones in life, but here we have a whole beach full of very ordinary stone and if you stop and take the time to look at them, they're incredibly beautiful," she said. 

That single thought on a walk sparked something huge called The Abundant Love Project. A healing project of love that began in Carlsbad, now sending waves of love around the world, finding all of the right people as far as India, Germany and Switzerland.

Each hand decorated stone has three words: You are loved. The rock also comes complete with a note.

"I realized there's a lot of people out there that are very ordinary and maybe they're not having the best day and maybe they're having a rough moment and that's how I decided to start leaving stones for these people," Deb said.

The notes are translated into dozens of languages and people that find them are sharing their stories online.

"You are receiving this handmade stone as a gift because you are loved. Someone made this just for you--make a wish holding your gift and know that you are a treasured gift to many others." she said.

People are still finding hidden rocks with messages of love along California's coast.

Amy Stephens, who lives in Encinitas, said she found an 'Abundant Love' rock last year on Valentine's Day.

"It had a lot of significance to me because where I found it was a significant place for my family. I lost my husband a little over two years ago," Stephens said.

Though her friend Nelly Jepeway hasn't found a rock yet, she's found strength by hiding rocks. She's taken some to Singapore, the same place she learned her teenage daughter was sick, before dying just four months later.  

"I'm very excited about taking the rocks with me and just making someone smile," Nelly said.

Deb says this is what 'The Abundant Love Project' is all about.

Now, when she's asked how she's doing, Deb said, "I can say I'm okay, you know you never stop missing the child that you lost, but I'm okay."

For more information on The Abundant Love Project, Click Here.