SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Cleanup has been underway around San Diego County Wednesday now that the rain has moved out. 

The storm caused flooding and brought down tree branches, and made a mess of the roads. 

Tuesday's storm flooded highways and caused a more than 300 car accidents across San Diego highways.

"I was surprised that we didn't have as many auto claims as I was anticipating. I think that's because the rain hit after everyone got to work and it kind of petered out before everyone went home," said Erik Disc.

Ocean Beach resident Matt Trainer's Lamborghini and his wife's Mercedes were totaled when a feet of water flooded their garage. 

"The car is obviously totaled. Her car is totaled as well, over $400K worth of stuff," said Trainer. 

What did Trainer do? He laughed it off. 

"I laughed, we were laughing. I literally just recovered from a real cancer scare. I had a tumor removed and we've been dealing with so many issues with this house. When that happened yesterday, we were just like really, how many more life lessons do we need," he said.