NORTH PARK (NEWS 8) – Thieves on Thursday smashed the window of a popular North Park bike shop and rode away with several expensive bicycles.

The brazen break-in happened early Thursday morning – less than an hour before the owner showed up to open for the day.

At least four bicycles were swiped from the Stubborn Goat Bike and Ski Service Shop near the intersection of 30th and Upas.

Video surveillance footage shows the thieves in action. One of the suspects can be seen wearing a backpack and walking back ae of the suspects can be seen wearing a backpack and walking back and forth around 4 a.m., Thursday.

After going out of view for a few seconds, he is seen riding way with a bike.

“I opened up the door, and then standing behind a broken pane of glass stood an officer. My stomach just dropped. That’s how the morning started,” said Samuel Kidron, Stubborn Goat Bike and Ski Service owner.

The stolen bikes are worth more than $2,000.

Kidron believes the thieves “knew what they were looking for.”

Video from next door at Presley and Company Fine Jewelers shows someone, about 40 minutes after the initial break-in, without a backpack show up to the bike shop and steals another bike.

“The fact that they had the audacity to and the nerve to think they were not going to get caught is really frightening,” said Liz Sava, with Presley and Company Fine Jewelers.

It remains unclear if the same suspect returned again or if the suspect without a backpack is a new thief who saw an opportunity.

“When it gets stolen it hurts. Of all days, it was bike to work day,” said Kidron.

Jason Silverek was biking to work this morning and stopped by after work to help repair the window.

“I was just bummed for him because he lost some bikes and now has to deal with a broken window,” said Silverek.

Police took the rock as evidence.

If you have any information about the break-in and bike thefts, you are asked to call police.