Grab your best friend because WOW Airlines is looking for a candidate to have the job of a lifetime! Wow Air, known for its inexpensive flights to Europe and beyond, is looking for a "Travel Guide."

This person will be tasked with moving to Reykjavik, Iceland and staying in a fully furnished apartment. But don't get too comfy because you and your friend will be jetting to and from various destinations across Europe and North America, all while documenting your journey on social media.The pay? Wow Air will pay $4,550 a month per person for you to live your life in these amazing cities, while they take care of airfare and lodging. The job runs from June 1st to August 15th!

To apply for the job, head to the WOW Travel Guide site to fill out a written application and submit a quick video travel guide (30 seconds to two minutes long) before the May 14, 2018 deadline.