Thousands of San Diegans flocked to Oceanside on Saturday to celebrate at the city’s annual Independence Day Parade.

Floats, flashy cars and walking groups glided along Highway 101 as crowds waved American flags and cheered from the sidewalks. Screams of thanks and support poured toward the street as floats carrying our nation's heroes passed by and groups of military members marched on foot.

"I love it," one bystander said. "It makes me feel patriotic and proud to be an American."

The parade danced up Coast Highway from Wisconsin Street to Pier Way, igniting everyone within an earshot of the cheers and music with Independence Day pride.

"It's always good when you can get the people in the community to come out together for a positive reason," one man said, hoisting a child sitting on his shoulders. "Every body is having fun. It's a beautiful day."