SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Tony Hawk may be best known for his skill with a skateboard, but he's also using his celebrity to help keep young people away from drugs and alcohol. 

Hawk is part of a program called Natural High which reaches more than 20,000 classrooms across the country, urging students to say yes to life and no to drugs and alcohol. 

"I feel it's giving them a message that they can connect to, as opposed to a blanket  'just say no'," says Tony Hawk. 

The organization is based in San Diego and partners with world class performers, athletes and musicians to deliver the message that how you live your life is your high, not drugs. 

"Pursue your natural high. Drugs and alcohol will take you away from who you were designed and created to be. A natural high will help you pursue your dreams and be successful in life," says Natural High founder Jon Sundt. 

Sundt started the organization after he lost two younger brothers to drugs. He says that the idea is to get kids to realize that there are ways within yourself to experience a high other than drugs. He also says that the message is making a hug impact with the help of Tony Hawk. 

"Right now we are in 12,000 schools, reaching 8 million kids," says Sundt. 

Natural High is honoring Tony Hawk this year at their annual gala on September 12th as a “Game Changer.”

Along with Tony Hawk, a cast of others from the Natural High team will be at this year's public gala. 

Some of the footage in this video story was shot using a GoPro camera.