SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - A military family living in a run-down home received the help they desperately needed thanks to the non-profit group "Rebuilding Together San Diego."

“Rebuilding Together San Diego” has renovated hundreds of homes, but never one so bad of shape like Patricia Covarrubias' home.

In February when CBS News 8 visited the home of Patricia Covarrubias, she was washing dishes in her yard.

Since then, the home's transformation has been remarkable.

The old home didn't have a furnace or a water heater and in order to shower the family had to heat water on a propane stove.

Nine months later, Patricia’s 16-year-old daughter took a look around and could only say, “thank you.”

Angela's brother and sister are both serving in the army. One is in El Centro, the other in Georgia.

For years the family lived in a house that looked like a war zone.

Cheryl Keenan from “Rebuilding Together San Diego” provided the remodel free of charge because of Patricia.

Although the home needed a new roof and footing, the family’s foundation was always strong.

U.S. Bank donated money and volunteers and the IBEW local electrical union rewired the entire house.