SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Video excerpts from Donald Trump's deposition in the Trump University lawsuit were expected to be released Thursday, however, a judge ordered the videos returned to the plaintiff because they were filed incorrectly. 

Judge Gonzalo Curiel ordered the release of video excerpts of Trump's deposition, which was given last December, on Wednesday, as well as transcripts of the video. 

Analysts believe the video of Donald Trump in which he was pressed for answers in a deposition on the now defunct Trump University will be used in attack ads accusing him of defrauding students.

Mr. Trump admits that he did not know the names or faces of the university's instructors. In fact, while under oath, he said, "I don't know because, you know, it depends of what that means, handpicked."

Further, Trump University's President Michael Sexton admitted, "none of our instructors at live events were handpicked by Donald Trump."

Students at the shuttered real estate school paid as much as $35,000 to attend its courses, according to documents in the class-action suit unsealed by Curiel at the behest of the Washington Post.

The lawsuits allege that Trump University falsely gave the impression that it was an accredited university in which students would be taught by experts selected by the billionaire and that students receive one year of mentoring.

Trump's lawyers argued that many students gave the real estate program positive ratings and those who failed to succeed have themselves to blame.

The trial has been scheduled for Nov. 28.