SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - A lunch-hour brawl at Lincoln High School sent five students and a campus security officer to hospitals Friday, authorities reported.

While halting the fight, officers used pepper spray on an undetermined number of students.

Medics treated some of them at the scene for effects of the chemical irritant and took four others to a hospital, along with a teen who had been subdued by a campus officer's electric stun gun.

The youths were treated and released a short time later, said Linda Zintz, spokeswoman for San Diego Unified School District.

Police arrested two students, one for vandalism and the other for assault on an officer. 

According to students, they were "play-fighting", juniors vs seniors, when the San Diego Unified School District officer became involved trying to break up the fight and was injured. 

The school officer radioed in that he was down and multiple officers surrounded the campus. 

"My kids were not even involved and they got sprayed," said George Lucero. Two of George's sons were affected. 

Yolanda Lewis said her daughter was also pepper sprayed. Her daughter plays on the basketball team. 

"He just looked at me and basically pepper sprayed me," said Yolanda's daughter, Tiajanee Liggins. 

Lincoln High only has one officer monitoring more than 1,800 students. 

Officers and school personnel had the situation under control within a half-hour or so.