CARLSBAD (CNS) - Two teens armed with a bat and a knife threatened a driver in Carlsbad Saturday morning, then chased him into Oceanside and back at speeds of up to 100 mph before being stopped and arrested.

The driver had fought back with a stun gun, slightly injuring one of the men. They were identified by police as Jim Gonzalez and Hector Zamora, both 18 and of Oceanside.

One of the men reportedly pulled a bandanna over his face and threatened the driver with a knife in the vicinity of Tamarack Avenue and Jefferson Street shortly after 4 a.m., Carlsbad police Sgt. Jade Chase said. The other teen swung a baseball bat into the passenger side of the car.

The victim responded by zapping one of the suspects in the chest with the stun gun, then sped off on westbound Tamarack Avenue to Carlsbad Boulevard, Chase said. But the suspects were close behind.

The suspects chased the victim into Oceanside and back to Carlsbad at speeds of 70 to 100 mph and attempted to force him off the road several times, Chase said.

Officers caught up to the suspects and stopped them on southbound Interstate 5 south of Tamarack Avenue. A juvenile was in the vehicle with them, but Chase said that person was not suspected of any crime.

Chase said Gonzalez and Zamora would be booked into the Vista Detention Facility on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, child endangerment, conspiracy and other counts. Zamora was also facing a reckless driving charge.

The suspect who had hit with the stun gun sustained a minor injury, but no one else was injured, Chase said.

The juvenile occupant was released to family members, according to the sergeant.

Officers recovered the bat from the initial location and the sheath for a knife and a crowbar from inside the car. Chase said the knife had yet to be found.