SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) – Starting Thursday, Uber users in San Diego will be charged a fee if they keep their driver waiting more than two minutes.

Some Uber riders received a warning Thursday stating:

"Starting today you will be charged a per minute wait time fee beginning two minutes after your driver arrives at your location. This makes sure drivers are paid for any additional time they spend waiting for you."

Reaction among San Diegans was mix.

Jack Christensen said, “I can understand the frustration of a driver if you are waiting and waiting and waiting.

Others like Penny Bradshaw said, “you can’t help being late if it’s out of your control. I think it’s kind of a tough call.”

According to Uber’s website, the fee depends on the per-minute wait time rate in the rider’s city.

The “late fee” can be under a dollar or well over – depending on how late the rider is.

“If I order an Uber, and I am not there in two minutes, it is a bit silly I suppose. But then again it depends on the cost of the charges. If it’s more than a few dollars, it’s a rip-off,” said Joseph Squire.

Cain Flanagan said, “the man’s trying to work and if you’re late, you are wasting his time, so he should be compensated appropriately.”

The fee will not apply to airports or certain venues and will never apply to Uberpool trips.

Earlier this week, Uber announced passengers will be able to tip drivers via their phone app.

“A small charge is an incentive to get into the car and get moving,” said Jack Smith.

Despite Uber’s recent misfortunes, its main competitor Lyft sent an email to staff last week telling them, “this is not a time to gloat.”