It's been a little more than a month since a military jet slammed into a University City neighborhood, killing four members of one family. While the shock may be wearing off, the healing is just beginning.

Residents gathered for a community meeting Thursday night and many of them are demanding answers from the military.  They want results of the investigation, which can be kept confidential.  Representatives from MCAS Miramar attended the meeting and told residents the investigation is still underway and may take six more months.

Some people living in University City have formed an informal task force.  They've been working with a lawyer in Washington, DC.  They are promising legal action if the military does not hand over such records as the voice data records from the moments leading up to the crash.

Meanwhile, the military told residents at the meeting that it will not change its flight path over the neighborhood.  A representative says out of 79,000 flight operations last year, only 137 were conducted over University City.  The spokesperson says everything is done to mitigate flight operations over populated communities.