SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) — San Diego Unified gave parents an update Thursday on district-wide water testing.  

94 percent of the schools had no detectable levels of lead in their water.  

However, out of nearly 200 schools, three tested higher than the EPA's acceptable level.  

While changes are complete at Emerson-Bandini Elementary and San Diego Cooperative Charter School 2, they are ongoing at Birney Elementary.

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Testing also found a few other campuses testing below the EPA level but above the detectable level.  

"As we speak, San Diego district staff are working on a proposal to mitigate the lead in every school and that will be brought forward to the board at the

Tuesday, July 25 board meeting," said SDUSD Vice President Kevin Beiser. 

Of the students who signed up to have their blood tested for lead, none had any detectable in their system. 

Meanwhile State Superintendent Tom Torlakson brought health officials to La Mirada Elementary School to see how the state can help ensure students always

have clean drinking water and take information gathered to use at other California schools.   

"I will be asking school districts around the state to be sure to test their water," Torlakson said.