SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) – A pothole here, a pothole there, potholes everywhere! From the South Bay to North County, post-rain potholes seem to be popping up around San Diego.

The City of San Diego said it has repaired over 30,000 potholes in the last fiscal year. City crews said they can't fix a pothole if they don't know it's there so they are encouraging the public to report them on their "Get It Done" app.

The app is free to download and user friendly. Users can click on the "New Report" section and the pothole report option is at the top of the list. Users can even upload a photo of the pothole and with your phone's location setting activated, the app will automatically fill in the general location of the pothole you photographed.

Once submitted, the report will be logged and the repair process can be monitored.

The city said the turnaround time is quick – around three days.

According to the city, some roads may tend to be worse than others because of what is underneath them. Some roads were built on solid foundations while others, especially those built decades ago, simply cover a clay like substance that gives way a lot quicker.

Improvements in engineering should prevent that from happening in the future, but fixing the old problems is still a long road.

For more information about the city's "Get It Done" app visit the following link: